Environmental Fate Field Studies

The expansion of our field study portfolio environmental fate by implementation of environmental fate field soil dissipation studies provides the optimal connection of field and theory in environmental fate.  

It perfectly fits in the philosophy of RIFCON GmbH and has already been successfully established in the area of ecotox for which the company is well known for: developing complete one-stop strategies that combine the collection of essential and optional field data and the best utilization of such data within the dossier at first hand.

Field Test Sites, shipments, laboratory phases across Europe are coordinated by the Study Directors or Field Phase Coordinators at RIFCON’s Field Department. Kinetic evaluation of interim

and final analytical results is conducted in-house and upon receipt of data. You will not only receive spreadsheets of analytical data, but preliminary kinetics evaluations or any further service needed for your environmental fate sections.

As an independent company we can offer our own fields and additionally chose from a large number of test sites from major and minor CROs. We do not need to distribute the work for capacity utilization, but can use the test sites that are considered most appropriate by ourselves and by our clients.

Our independence allows us to find the right locations and soils to best match our clients’ specific needs!

Any kind of drift or monitoring studies in the area of environmental fate including the complete exposure modeling and additionally

  • Complete multi-site field soil dissipation studies (GLP)
  • Soil dissipation field phases (GLP)
  • State of the art in-house kinetics evaluation
  • Supervision / Study Directorship for pan-European soil dissipation studies
  • Organization and monitoring of GLP compliant laboratory phases (residue, etc.)

… plus any further theoretical work for your environmental fate sections fulfillment