Wild Birds


In order to identify focal bird species for use in refined exposure assessments or to be addressed in higher tier wildlife field studies, our wildlife team conducts standardised generic focal species field studies in both individual countries and specific crops at given application periods.

We also offer tailor-made generic GLP field studies to determine realistic exposure parameters like ‘portion of time‘ (PT) or ‘portion of diet‘ (PD) in crop types or treated areas for relevant bird species.
Potential impacts on wildlife following the application of agrochemicals must be monitored under realistic field conditions. Our GLP bird effect studies are based on either the intensive or extensive approach.

The former focuses on the fate of individuals using radio-telemetry and the latter is based on methods such as population censuses, carcass searches and behavioural observations.

Residue analysis of carcasses will be organised in a qualified partner laboratory.
  • Focal species field studies
  • PT studies
  • PD studies
  • Avoidance studies
  • Behavioural studies
  • Effect studies
    (acute and long-term)
  • Organisation of residue analysis
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