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Field Studies

The field team at RIFCON embodies outstanding experience in designing and conducting generic, effect and exposure field studies under GLP conditions and following the existing guidelines and recommendations for field study planning. In order to meet arising challenges, our experts typically discuss study plans with the authorities of the Member States and adapt them accordingly.

The skills, knowledge and experience of our team enable us to obtain the most appropriate data for higher-tier risk assessments. Therefore, in line with current EU legislation and despite the lack of guidance for many higher-tier studies, our tailor-made studies strategically focus on regulatory needs.
We have extensive knowledge of regulatory requirements and risk assessment processes, which enables us to design and conduct tailor-made GLP field studies to provide our clients with appropriate and realistic field data.
We determine standard or new refinement parameters to support exposure assessments for any species deemed at risk. We can design and conduct both GLP field studies and GLP semi-field studies. We also supervise and monitor GLP pen and lab studies in the area of ecotoxicology and environmental fate.

Wild Mammals

Wild Birds

Amphibians & Reptiles

Efate Field Studies


Soil Organisms

Non-Target Arthropods

GMO Field Monitoring