Nowadays, an intensive testing programme is required by EFSA and national authorities to assess the potential effects of active substances and products on pollinators and the routes by which exposure occurs. Experts at RIFCON carry out residue, semi-field and field studies on pollinators across Europe and beyond (southern hemisphere countries including South America and South Africa).

In addition to standard studies, we can conduct landscape level or crop related monitoring, guttation fluid and seed coating dust studies. Our experts are members of the ICP-PR working group on non-Apis bees.

Our Services

  • Honey bee brood study (OECD 75)
  • Brood feeding study (according to Oomen et al., 1992)
  • Honey bee field study (OEPP/EPPO No. 170)
  • Residue studies on pollen, nectar and honey
  • Simulation of aphid honeydew
  • 2D & 3D dust drift studies
  • Guttation studies
  • Tailored study designs to meet specific needs