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Non-Target Arthropods

RIFCON has extensive experience of conducting field studies on non-target arthropods and can work with any relevant species occurring in agricultural landscapes.

We perform non-target arthropod testing (e.g. predatory mites) in the field. We also offer aged residue designs, where the treatment is applied and aged under field conditions. The exposed organisms and their diet items are then collected and transferred to collaborating laboratories for analysis.

Our team also performs monitoring studies, which record arthropod species composition and abundance. These studies can be conducted across Southern, Central and Northern Europe. Additionally, we tailor study designs and full fauna studies (complete or partial tailoring starting from current guidance).

Our sampling tools include pitfall and malaise traps, photo-eclectors and suction sampling via D-vac sampler. The D-vac can also be used to sample seeds for availability assessments. We normally sample arthropods using the inventory sampling method requested by EFSA. However, on request we can also conduct the sweep-netting & beating.

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Predatory mites

Arthropod residue decline studies

see residue decline studies on mammal diet

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