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The Biological Assessment Dossier (BAD) is the central element of the entire agrochemical registration process. Product-specific properties and benefits can be identified only against a background of comprehensive agricultural and biological knowledge.

Our expert team of biologists and agro-ecologists evaluate the efficacy of products on the basis of available information, e.g. preliminary test results, phytotoxicity and efficacy trials with the aim of  detecting any data gaps. We also assess potential resistance by evaluating provided data or by literature / internet researches conducted by our experienced infobrokerage team.

Our Services

  • Data gap analysis
  • Evaluation and summarisation of study reports
  • Statistical evaluation and summarisation of trial data
  • Dossier preparation (Zonal and National)
  • Comparative assessment
  • Expert statements
  • Evaluation of authority requests
  • Study monitoring (Lab communication / Quotation inquiry / Monitoring services)
  • Access to ARM ST