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The RIFCON workshops provide rich and pleasant platforms for cooperation and the exchange of knowledge and varied viewpoints. These factors are crucial contributors to motivation, creativity and innovation.

RIFCON promotes progress and therefore actively seeks the sharing and exchange of knowledge and experience via workshops. We conduct our workshops publically or for specific clients who request tailored programs. RIFCON workshops and can cover any requested regulatory, technical and/or scientific topic. Tailored workshops include in-house workshops held at the premises of authorities or other interested parties.

A valuable asset of the workshops held by RIFCON is the rich daily practical experience which our experts embed in the material. In order to integrate improved approaches and new possibilities, we continually revise and update workshop material to the latest state-of-the-art.

Since several years, RIFCON typically conducts public workshops on wildlife and effect modelling. These workshops were recently successfully certified within the SETAC Risk Assessors Programme which was initiated in 2019.

  • Effect modelling public workshops (SETAC certified)
  • Wildlife public workshops (SETAC certified)
  • Tailored workshops upon request (regulatory, technical and/or scientific topics)