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Our Philosophy

The emerging problems of mankind consist in securing the food supply, preserving biodiversity and conserving resources through sustainable management. RIFCON GmbH was founded in 2000 to make an important contribution to consumer, environmental and nature protection precisely in this area of conflict.

Meanwhile, we are one of the leading consulting companies for the European agricultural market in the field of testing and registration of plant protection products within the framework of EU legislation. Our sophisticated field studies are conducted under GLP (Good Laboratory Practice).

The conservation of biodiversity represents another business area. Construction projects, whether buildings, roads or industrial plants, must be carried out in accordance with the legal requirements regarding nature and species conservation. The comprehensive expertise of RIFCON GmbH is a valuable consulting contribution to the preservation of biodiversity.

The preservation of resources must be part of the strategy of every company and not only for financial reasons. We advise companies on a meaningful sustainability strategy. This includes scientific studies or interactive communication tools according to the latest methodological approaches. Our main focus here is on Product Carbon Footprint or Product Environmental Footprint analyses as well as classical life cycle assessment studies according to DIN EN ISO 14040/14044. We are constantly developing new methods to optimize test systems to address current issues.

RIFCON GmbH is expected to develop into a comprehensive and leading provider of scientific consulting services and solutions for current social problems in the coming years.